6 Youtube Alternatives | Best Video Sharing Website

If you want to know the alternative for youtube, then read the entire blog post.  Generally, Youtube is the most used video hosting\sharing website in the world. 

Compare to youtube, other youtube similar apps available on the google play store and apple store. This blog explains the best youtube alternative.

Let’s know the site like youtube.,

List Of 6-Youtube Alternative

#1. Google Video: Youtube Alternative

Google video is a site like youtube and owned by Google Inc. At that same time, youtube also owned by Google.  It is based on the video-sharing website.  In 2005, it officially released. But it was discontinued in 2012.

#2. Bing Video: Youtube Alternative

Bing video is a video hosting service that develops and owned by Microsoft Corporation. In 2009, it was launch officially.

#3. Amazon Prime: Youtube Alternative

Amazon prime is a video sharing based on the subscription. In 2006, it was officially launched and owned by Amazon Inc.

#4. Netflix: Youtube Alternative

Netflix is a video sharing website based on the subscription. In 1997, it was officially launched and owned by Netflix Inc. Marc Randolph and Reed Hasting are founders of Netflix.

#5. Metacafe: Youtube Alternative

Metacafe is a video hosting site like youtube and  It was officially launched in 2003.  Eyal  Hertzog and Arik Czerniak are the founders of Metacafe.

#6. IMDb: Youtube Alternative

Internet Movie Database [ shortly: IMDb] is a video sharing platform.  In 1990, it was officially launched and owned by Amazon Inc.

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