New Whatsapp Update: Flash Call Feature

Now, whatsapp introduce new features like disappearing message, dark mode and playback in voice message. Following, whatsapp team want to lanch falsh call feature [login verification method].

This blog post explains, why they offer this feature.

This feature in develope mode only. Not yet released in whatsapp beta version.

Till now, SMS or phone call method is used verification of whatsapp login. It makes people irritately by do this method. By solving this problem, whatsapp try to introduce a new feature which called flash call feature.

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How whatsapp flash call feature works?

It is simple to understand. First of all, whatsapp ask you to give permission to access “your phone call’s log” and “make & mange call”.

If you give permission, then click the “Continue” button, otherwise click the “Not now” button, you not willing to give permission.

If you give permission by clicking “continue” button, after few seconds whatsapp call to phone number. Then automatically disconnect the call and analysis/verify your last call in your call logs.

If it is correct phone number, then your whatsapp successfully log-in.

This method is easy that compare to “SMS & Phone call” verification. Also safe and secure way of verifying compare to that.

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