10 Unknown Whatsapp Tricks

Now, most people use whatsapp to communicate with others. There are a lot of features in the whatsapp to make it easy to do. This blog explains unknown whatsapp tricks. Read the entire blog post. Also, share and support us.

List of 10-unknown whatsapp tricks & tips.

Whatsapp tricks 1:  Text in bold, italic & strikethrough.

If you want to type in

  • Bold – eg: *tricks*  result is tricks
  • Italic -eg: _tricks_   result is tricks.
  • Strikethrough- eg: ~tricks~  result is tricks.    

Whatsapp tricks 2: Dark mode.

Enable “Dark mode” and it makes your whatsapp in dark.

Trick 3: Change adds me, group.

You can choose the people who add you to whatsapp groups.

Trick 4: Pin your chats

You can pin your important chats or the group that you want.

Trick 5: Add charts on the home screen.

You can add individual charts or group charts as chart shortcuts on the home screen.

Steps 1: Select the chart or group.

Step 2: Tap “three vertical dots” at the right top.

Step 3: Click the “add chart shortcut” option.

Tricks 6: Archive option

If you want to chats or group does not appear in the chart section of the whatsapp, then archive it.

 Steps 1: Select the chart or group that you want to archive

 Step 2:  Click the “archive” [ represented as download the symbol in the box] option.

Tricks 7: Hide your personal info.

Choose the people who can see your personal info like profile photos, last seen, about, and status.

Trick 8: Most charted group or person

You can view the most charted persons or groups. This survey-based on charts that consume more data.

Steps 1: Click the “three vertical dots” at the right top.

Step 2: Select the “setting” option.

Step 3: After selecting setting options, then select the “storage & data” option

Step 4:  Tap the “Manage storage” option and view the most charted person & groups.

Trick  9: Media visibility

You can choose the group’s media visibility [photos videos, documents that downloaded in your gallery]

Step 1: Tap the group info.

Step 2: choose the media visibility that you want.

Trick 10: Disappearing message.

If you turn on the disappearing message option, then the sent message disappeared after 7 days.

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