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This blog post explains virus total- an online virus scan website which provides by Alphabet. Inc [Google’s parent company] and it safe to use “.

You may ask,” While this virus scanner is secure and safe for our files that upload? “. My answer is ” Yes, it is safe and secure to use”.

Computer and mobile phones used by most people in the world to store both personal and business information. But, some people want to hack our information whether it’s personal or business information and sell it. 

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Basic detail about this virus scanner

Virus total is an online virus scan by uploading your file and it analyzes as well as detected that your files involving in any scamming. It created by Hispasec Sistemas and launched in 2004.

Virus total-product of google or not?

Yes, the virus total is brought by google in 2012. After a few years, it switched to chronicle, a cybersecurity company, and it one of the products of the alphabet which is commonly known as Google’s parent company. Virus total is safe and secure to upload your files.

User’s attention ðŸ‘€

👉Do not share your personal information and Virus total not responsible for that.  👉If you want to share your files\website domains\URLs\IP address, you won’t agree to their privacy policy and terms & conditions and then only share your data on that website.


Virus total analysis & detect any scamming in your Files, URLs, IP address, and website domains. It is the best online virus scanner website.

In addition, Click here to visit the VirusTotal website.

Check their privacy policy and terms & conditions and then submit your data on that website. To view their terms & conditions and privacy policy 

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