How To Use Whatsapp ?

Today, lot of people spends their more time on internet. Even this blog post you with help of internet. After arrival of internet, more changes happen in our society.

Whatsapp messenger is a change the way of messaging. You can share messages, photos, videos and documents. Also, you able to create a group and chat with your friends.

If you not know to use whatsapp messenger, then read the entire blog till end. This blog explains,”how to use whatsapp?”.

  • How to use whatsapp on the phone?
  • How to use whatsapp on the desktop?
  • Best whatsapp trick & tips that you not have idea about it.
  • How to protect whatsapp account?

How to use whatsapp on the phone

After install whatsapp messenger, open whatsapp that you download.

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If you not have whatsapp account, then read:”how create a whatsapp account?

Now you set your profile info, add a photo and a username, then press “next.” Now you’re logged in to WhatsApp, and this is the main application window.

Here, you can take a photo, chat, update your status, or make a call. To send a message, press “CHATS” at the top.

Press the chat icon at the bottom, find a contact and press on them, then write your message and press send.

To add a photo or video, press the camera icon. Tap once to take a photo or hold down to record a video.

You can also add a photo or video from your camera roll by swiping up to look at your gallery. Now, finalize your message and press the send icon.

Congratulations, you just sent your first message on WhatsApp. Now let’s send an audio message.

Press down the microphone icon on the bottom right and hold it, say your message, and then release the icon.

Your message is instantly sent. You can also hold down the mic and slide it up to lock the recorder for longer messages, or slide it to the left to delete your message before it is sent.

Now let’s make a phone or video call. You can easily connect with someone by pressing the call icon or video icon at the top of the chat window.

Otherwise, go to the main window, press “CALLS” at the top, and then at the bottom, press the call-plus icon.

Find your contact and press the phone icon to make a call or the video icon to video chat. Now let’s create a group chat. Go back to the chats window.

At the bottom, press the messaging icon, then press “New group.” Add the contacts you want in the group, then press “Next.”

Here, you can name the group, and press “Next” to finish. To add more people, press the group name at the top.

This will open the group settings. Now scroll down down and press “Add participants” to add more people to the group. And here’s how you change your status.

In the main window, press “STATUS.” Here you can type or use a photo to update your status. Finish by pressing the send icon. Finally, you have now updated your status.

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How to use whatsapp on the desktop?

By downloading and installing WhatsApp on a computer. Search the App Store on Mac or Microsoft Store on Windows for WhatsApp.

Click install and “OPEN.” The app prompts you to open WhatsApp on your mobile device. Go to menu, find “WhatsApp Web,” and click it.

Now scan the QR code on the computer with your mobile device. Your WhatsApp account is now synced with your computer, making it even easier to connect with others.

How to delete my whatsapp account?

If you not like to use whatsapp, read this post to delete: How To Delete Whatsapp Account?

Otherwise, you want best alternative to whatsapp messenger, then telegram is best alternatives to wahstapp.

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