How To Use Twitter Account ?

Twitter is the used by most of the people in the world. You can share images, videos, gifs, tweet, follow the person that you like and many more.

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Twitter’s features

At the left side, you able to see

  • Home
  • Explore
  • Notifications
  • Messages
  • Topics
  • List
  • Profile

First of all, Log-in to your twitter account.


Home page will shows post shared by people you follow and recommend or suggest some people that related to your interest.


This pages show trending hashtags for related you, your country, entertainment, news and sports.


It notify messages from twitter, people like, comment and retweet your post.


It shows direct conversion to the people who sends message to you.


This page shows interesting topics that you select.


You can edit you profile by changing usernames, profile photos, bio section and cover photos.

How to share my post in twitter ?

If they want to mention you in tweets each tweet is limited to 280 characters this includes spaces

Also, you want to write a lengthy tweet choose your words carefully below you can see a circle being filled up as you type this indicates how many characters you have left in your tweet

You can add media to make your tweets more visually engaging this won’t use up any of your characters

You able collect data and encourage interaction from your followers using polls

You can add expressions to your tweets with emojis click on the emoji button and select one you’d like to add these will be included in your character count to add multiple tweets

Click on the plus sign next to tweet this is useful if you want to say something more than 280 characters

Click tweet to post your tweet will now be on your profile by following a twitter account that accounts tweet will be shown on your home page so you can stay up to date with all their latest posts from the home page

How to edit my profile page ?

Tap your profile section on the left side which used to edit profile to edit the visuals of your page.

You can change your profile photo or add a banner photo by click the camera icon to add a photo to make your profile more visual select the image you want to use and then click apply you can change your profile name.

Add a biography to describe yourself and add your location, website and birthday under the date where you joined you’ll see the number of accounts you’re following and the number following.

Click on these to see who they are to change your twitter handle from the home page click on the more icon.

Select settings and privacy go to your account and account information your current twitter handle will appear next to your username to change it highlight the text

Type in a new one each twitter handle is original if your username is already taken it’ll tell you below

You will need to try a different variation click save to apply the changes to your handle reacting to tweets can help you to get more followers under each tweet

Different options in post

You’ll see a series of different options you can also react to your own tweet to add more information.

Click on the comment section to reply this will add a comment specifically to that tweet the account that posted the tweet will be notified that you’ve replied to it retweeting shares a tweet on your own page

By click on the two circling arrows icon to retweet a post if someone else retweets one of yours all of their followers will then be able to see your tweet on their page

You can also choose to retweet with comment this will also share the tweet on your page with an accompanying note

Click on the heart icon to like a tweet you can see how popular someone’s tweets are by looking at the number of hearts it has messages is the direct message platform for twitter.

How to retweets the post ?

You able to retweet options in-between comment section and like option. By using retweet option, you can repost the post that retweet.

How to delete my tweets ?

If you want to delete a tweet you can click on the three dots here and click delete from the home page

How to protect my twitter account ?

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How to delete twitter account?

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