How To Use Spotify

Music play a important role in our day to day life. They are lot of music application used by people. In that, spotify liked by most of the people.

This blog explains, how to use spotify applications on the desktop device.

How to use spotify on the desktop device ?

Home page of spotify.

Recent activity

Spotify will offer you suggestions of playlists albums and artists for you to listen to based on your interests and recent activity.

For new songs

Click on the search button on the left hand side spotify classifies music into different folders and offers various ready-made playlists to listen to for any occasion at the top.

Favorite genres

You’ll see the last artists you search for followed by your favorite genres of music based on your history below browse all you can find new tracks


Back to the search menu you’ll see more ways to discover new music find a new podcast series here

How to play liked songs ?

On the left navigation bar, liked songs under playlists this will launch a playlist of all the songs. You have liked to play any music double-click a track.

If you want to queue a track to play after the current one’s finished hover over the song that you want.

Click on the three dots icon a drop down menu will appear select add to queue option.

To change the volume of your music move the volume bar here.

Otherwise click on the speaker icon to mute or un-mute .

Search for a song

Use the search tool at the top of the page and type either the name of the artist or the song.

You’ll see search results appear automatically to play a song hover over the song

Click play icon will appear for play. For save the song, click on the heart icon.

To create playlist

To create a new playlist, then click on create playlist and a blank one will appear to name it

Click on the automated name my playlist number you can change the name of your playlist

Add a description and photo when you’re ready click save now

You can populate your playlist with tracks you like to add a song hover over the track you want

Select the three dots icon from the drop down menu and click add to playlist

Find the one you want to add it to you can also add albums to your playlist the same way to remove a track from your playlist

Click on the three dots icon on the track whilst in the playlist and then select remove from this playlist

Playing your playlist

Select your playlist from the left hand side

Click the play icon at the bottom a playing strip will appear showing the add name and artist of the track that’s playing

If you want your playlist to shuffle songs randomly rather than play them in list order click on the shuffle icon.

If you want to add a song to the queue click on the play and text icon on the far right corner of the play strip the page will appear listing songs in the order that they’re coming up next to add to the queue.

Click on the three dots icon next to a track and select add to queue you can skip songs or go back by clicking the arrows on both sides of the play icon

If you have the free version of spotify it will limit the number of times you can skip before ads will play

Managing your playlist

Select a playlist from the list on the left side of your screen.

Click on the three dots icon and a drop down menu will appear with a series of options

You able to share your playlist with others via various platforms such as Skype, tumblr, Facebook

By using a link to hide the playlist from the public.

Select make a secret to delete a playlist.

Click delete and a pop-up window will appear asking you to either cancel or delete as this action can’t be reversed select delete to complete

For downloading music

It allows you to listen to tracks when you’re not connected to the internet.

You can download songs albums or playlists from spotify to listen to offline.

But, they are in your liked songs list or a playlist and you have a premium account.

Find the track you want from your playlist you can use the filter function to help you find a specific one.

Click the download button at the top right side of your list.

It [song] will start downloading you can also download whole albums or playlists by selecting them and then clicking the same download icon.

To share your songs

You can share the tracks you like with others hover your cursor on a track or playlist.

Click on the three dots icon from the drop down menu and then, click share and copy playlist link you can then paste this into an email or message.

Share a track or playlist on a website then, select copy embed code from the drop down. So that you able to embed this on your site.

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