How To Use Instagram In Step By Step Explanation

Instagram is the most used social media which owned by facebook. If you want to know tricks & tips of instagram or how to use the instagram, then read the given instruction.

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How to create instagram account?

If you not have a instagram account, then create new instagram account [by click the link]

Instagram’s feature

At the bottom section,

  • Home icon
  • Search icon
  • Clapperboard icon
  • Profile icon
  • Shopping icon

Home icon

It shows posted content that people followed by you.

Search icon

The search icon is used to explore page, filled with posts Instagram thinks you’ll like.

Clapper board icon

By using clapperboard icon, it allow you into reels. It allows you to create voice-over, record over music, and different effects.

Shopping icon

The shopping icon, that allow to sell or buy some products that youn like.

Edit profile

Edit profile is used to customize your bio, profile picture, contact information, and username.

At right top section,

  • Post icon
  • How to post story
  • Notification icon
  • Direct messages

Post icon

To post something new, hit the plus icon. Choose what kind of post you’d like to make. You can select from your phone’s library or record something new in the app.

You can select one or more saved photos or videos.

If you selected more than one picture or video, you can edit them simultaneously or individually using Instagram’s effects and photo-editing tools.

You can manually edit your post in the edit section.

When you’re done editing, add a caption to your post. Using hashtags can increase your social engagement and help find related content.

Tag whoever is featured in your post. It notified that they’re included. You can also add a location here.

If you have connected your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts, you can automatically share your posts on those platforms.


If you select “Story,” you’ll be able to post a photo or video that is up to 15 seconds. It’ll live for 24 hours, then disappear.

How to upload a story?

In story on the left side, you’ll see a vertical banner with six options. Create lets you combine text, interactive stickers, and drawings without having to share photos or videos.

Story lets you post a boomerang, which takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a video that plays forward and backward.

Layout gives you the option of posting more than one photo in a grid. In a newer update, you can choose your preferred layout design.

Superzoom lets you record a slow zoom with corresponding effects and sounds. You can choose one of 10 effects specific to the super zoom feature.

Hands-free allows you to record a story without holding the record button. You can tap to start and stop your video.

To see your story, click on your thumbnail. You can also see the stories your friends posted.

Notification icon

Notification icon [heart icon] shows likes. It notified here when someone likes or comments on one of your posts.

Direct message icon

It is used to message to your friends that you follow.

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How to upload video in reels

Reels is a another video tool. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see five different editing tools. Length lets you choose if you want to create a 15- or 30-second reel. To add an audio soundtrack, click the music note.

You can also change the speed. Effects brings up your saved effects, which you can apply to your video.

Finally, timer lets you set up a countdown of either three or 10 seconds before recording your clip. You can also adjust the clip length, so you don’t have to stop it yourself.

Finally we have Instagram Live, where you can livestream to your followers. You can comment during the stream and let others go live with you.

How to delete my instagram account ?

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