How To Use Club House App ?

In this online world, most of the people like to chats with their friends and family members. At that same time, there are many messaging application like whatsapp, telegram, facebook messenger.

If you want something different from this type of apps. That is “Club house” is not like other messaging or chat apps. It is only for audio chatting.

What is clubhouse ?

Clubhouse is a audio based chatting system that not like other chatting system. Basically, it developed by Alpha Exploration co and launch on 2020. If someone invite you, then only you able to join club house.

Let know more about it.

How to use club house app ?

If someone invite you to join club house, then click link and install application from apple store or google play-store that you have.

To create a account, first of all,

You need to choose a username and follow some accounts. In the Clubhouse, you able to see the rooms available to join based on who you’re following.

To join a room, tap on the event, and you’ll immediately be able to start listening. At the top, you’ll see the speakers, and below, you’ll see the listeners.

If you want to contribute to the conversation and start speaking, you’ll need to ask permission from the host by raising your hand.

You can leave a room at any time. You can either start a room instantly or plan an upcoming event.

To start a room, tap on the green “Start a room” icon at the bottom. You’ll be given three options to choose from. Tap “Open” for a public room.

To start a room with only people you follow, choose “Social.” Or tap “Closed” if you want to start a room with only specific people. Give your room a descriptive heading by tapping “Add a Topic”.

Choose “Let’s go” to go live or “Choose People” to invite who you want to your private room.

If people want to contribute to your conversation, they’ll raise their hand.

To end the event, tap on the three dots and then “End Room.”

You can instantly start a room with one person to have a private conversation. To do this, tap on the dotted square icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Find the contact you want and then tap “Room” to start. To schedule a room in advance, tap on the calendar icon at the top.

Now tap on the “New Event” icon. A pop-up will appear where you can fill in details about your event.

Type in the name of your room and find the people you want to add.

Add them by tapping on their name. Set the time and date of your . You can add more details about your discussion. Tap on “Publish” to complete.

Then, enjoy with your friends by audio chatting.

To download: Apple store or Google playstore. Also check their official website.

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