31 Best Telegram Tricks & Tips That Makes You Crazy

Telegram is the chatting system and it has more tricks and tips. If want to know more about telegram tricks & tips then read the entire blog post.

This blog explains telegram tricks & trips that improve the way of chatting with friends and groups. 

List Of Telegram Tricks & Tips.

#1. Schedule your message: Telegram tricks

You can schedule your message by tap the message sender icon and schedule it.  

#2.Mini-game emojis: Telegram tricks

You can test your luck using emojis like a slot machine emoji [type in emoji search]

#3. Edit your message: Telegram tricks

You can edit your message without resending the message.

 #4. Disappearing messages: Telegram tricks

You can disappear your messages by clicking the disappearing message option.

#5. Pin your charts: Telegram tips

You can pin your individual charts or group charts by tapping the chat that wants to pin and select the pin icon to pin the chat.

#6. Save messages: Telegram tips

You can save your favorite messages.

#7. Message in silent mode: Telegram tips

You can message in silent mode by tapping the message send icon and select the “send without sound” option.

#8.Video call: Telegram tips

In a telegram video call, up to 5 people able to chat in a video call.

#9. Voice chat:

In telegram voice call, up to 5000 people able to chat in a voice call.

#10. Encrypted calls:

Voice calls, video calls, and chats are end-to-end encrypted. 

#11.Video edit tool:

In the telegram, the edit video option is available and you can add text, stickers, emojis, and many more [ Not able to download any other video editing apps].

#12. Delete messages:

You can delete your message as well as a person who chats with you.

#13. Sending documents:

At a time, you can upload documents up to 2GB.

#14. Compress your documents:

You can compress your documents by clicking vertical three dots at the top of the image selecting section.

#15. Group members:

Up to 20,000 members group admin able to added.

#16. Create a channel:

You can create a telegram channel for unlimited members.

#17. Put a username:

 You can add a username for your telegram account like other social media.

#18. Instant sign-in:

By using QR scanning, you can easy to sign-in instantly in the telegram desktop application.

#19. Create a folder:

Create a folder for a different type of group for easy to identify them.

#20. Monitor your account:

By device options [setting > device] and monitor your account sign-in on other devices.

#21. Multiple accounts in one app:

You can manage multiple telegram accounts in single telegram applications.

#22. Check nearby people:

 If you want to check the nearest people using telegram by clicking the “People Nearby” option.

#23. Change the color theme:

You can change or customize the theme colour of your telegram interface.

#24. Analytics for group admin:

For group admin, collect data about how many people view the post and how many people join in the telegram channel. 

#25. Animation stickers:

Above 2,00,000 + animation stickers are available. 

#26. Improve security:

You can increase the security of your telegram account.

#27. Store in SD card:

You can store your telegram data on your SD card.

#28. Enable two-verification steps:

You can enable two-step verifications to improve your security of telegram. 

#29.Lock your app:

You can lock your telegram app without using other app locks.

#30. Block your contacts:

If any unknown contact disturbing, then block contact by using the “Block users” options. 

#31. Enable dark mode:

Choose the light or dark mode that you want.

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