Science or Psychology Of Colours

 From the ancient era to the modern era, a lot of things changed. But one not changed, that is colour. In this blogpost explains the science of colour and how it affects us?

It [colours] affect our day-to-day life form of directly as well as indirectly. You [User] may ask, “Can I learn any useful from this blog post?”. 

My answer, ” Yes,  you will learn a few things from this post “. Read the blog post till the end, you gain more information about it.

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Let’s know more about it…

Before entering into our topic [science of colours], we should know about some basic concepts of light and colours.

Science Of Colours: How Colours Visible To Us?

First of all, Light is the source of seeing things around us. On other hand, white is the original Colours of light. But it enters into our earth atmosphere, it visible in red yellowish. 

When you travel in space, light visible in white [original Colours of light].
Generally light is the combination of red, green, blue, yellow, violet. when these Colours combine “white” is formed. 

Another one, “How Colours visible to us?”. 

In simple words, when an object observes light,  it observes [red, green, blue, yellow, violet.] any one of colour and repulse other colours. 

In some case, some object observe all Colours and it reflects in white as well as an object not observe all Colours, it reflects in black.   

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Representation Of Colours. 

#1. Green: It represents nature, peace, ecology, adventure and instructions. 

#2. White: It represents clean, peace, innocents, purity, fresh and simple. 

#3. Red: It represents angry, hungry, danger, fast, hot and evil. 

#4. Yellow: It represents invention, positive, encourage, bright, energetic and dynamic.

#5. Orange: It presents innocence, energetic, expressive, esthetic and creative.

#6. BlueBlue represents clean, focus, power, creative, professional and idea.

#7. Black: It represents powerful, evil, strength, creative, precise.

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In conclusion, At everytime these colour representation not reflect any character of person correctly. So that avoid to judge character of a person by using colour. 

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