How (11 Best Way) To Protect Whatsapp Account | Whatsapp Security

Most people use whatsapp to share their message, audio, and videos with their family and friends. Even high confidential documents send through whatsapp.  So, it is important to protect your whatsapp.

This blog explains, how to protect your whatsapp account. Read the entire blog and support us.

Let’s boost your whatsapp security.

How To Protect Whatsapp Account.

Method 1:  Update your whatsapp

Update your whatsapp applications, whenever the whatsapp team releasing updates.

Method 2:  Avoid install from an unknown source.

Do not download whatsapp from an unknown source. Use google playstore or apple store to install it.

Method 3: Enable notify security.

Select the “security” option from the “account” setting  and enable to show security notifications [when you enable this option, it shows your people in contact changing security code].

Method 4: Enable 2-step verification.

Add your email address [when you forgot PIN code, it is used to reset it and secure your account] and enter your six-digit PIN code.

Method 5: Block misleading contacts.

Avoid messages to unknown people. If any misleading activity by unknown contacts, then block it.

Method 6:  Change add me, group.

Select the people who can add you in a whatsapp group.

Method 7: Avoid sharing QR code.

Do not share your QR code with others.

Method 8: Hide profile photo.

Choose the people who can see your profile photos, last seen, about, and status.

Method 9: Lock whatsapp.

Lock your whatsapp by using the default app lock applications or download valid app lock or enable fingerprint option in the whatsapp.

Method 10: Change PIN frequently.

Change PIN code frequently [at least two months once]

Method 11:  Avoid clicking the unwanted link.

Do not click any mysterious links [check the link structure. Use Virustotal to analyze the link].

Authors recommendation.

Enable two-step verification. Lock your whatsapp with lock apps. Download whatsapp from google play store or apple store. Check the link before clicking it. Block and report any unknown contact.

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