How (11 Simple Way) To Protect Twitter Account

If you want to protect your Twitter posts, videos, and tweets, you must increase the security level of twitter. This blog explains, how to protect Twitter account and read the entire blog.

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How To Protect Twitter Account.

Follow the given tips to protect twitter account.

Method 1: Update Twitter application.

Remember to update your Twitter apps and others app also.

Method 2:  Do not install unwanted apps

Avoid to install desktop application or mobile apps from another source.

Method 3: Put a strong password.

Use a strong password using special characters, letters, and numbers. Do not use a simple password.

Method 4: Use security checker.

 Use “Have I been pawned” and “Virustotal” to analyze security level.  

Method 5: Change your passwords

Change your password regularly [at least two months once] that help to protect the Twitter account.

Method  6:  Avoid unknown things.

Do not click unknown links and avoid unknown friends request also.

Method 7: Use a security checker.

Use “Virustotal” and “Have I been pawned” to analyze the security of the device that you used. 

Method 8: Use two-factor authentication.

Use authentication apps as well as verification code via SMS, protect your Instagram account.

Methods 9: Use a password manager.

Use a password manager application to collect your different passwords and remember it.

Method 10: Know the time to break your password.

Use “How my password is secure” to check the time takes to crack your password.

Method 11: Do not share a password

Avoid sharing your passwords with others. It leads to many issues.

Method 12: Block misleading accounts

Block unknown or misleading accounts or scamming accounts and also report it.

Method 13: Avoid  paid followers apps

Do not use paid or free followers apps. Avoid installing this kind of apps.

Author’s recommendation

Put a strong password and also check the time to crack it. Do not share passwords. Avoid accepting any unwanted friend request. Use a password manager to remember different passwords.   

Update your Twitter application. Do not install unknown software as well as application. Change your password frequently.

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