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Telegram is an individual or group chatting system by sending images, videos, gifs, and emojis. Sometimes, people face security issues while using telegram.  If you want to protect telegram account, then follow the given instruction to increase the security level of the telegram.

This blog explains, how to protect telegram account from hackers. Read our entire blog post and support us.

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How To Protect Telegram Account.

Method 1: Enable two-step verification.

You want to enable a two-step verification method to secure your account by adding a password and recovery email address.

Method 2: Put a strong password.

Use a strong password with letters, special characters, and numbers. Do not use easily password that easy to identify.

Method 3: Avoid to download unwanted apps

Do not download unwanted desktop or mobile applications.

Method 4: Know the time to crack your password.

Use “How my password is secure” to check the time taken for cracking passwords.

Method 5: Update the telegram app

Remember to update your telegram apps as well as other applications that are used by you.

Method 5: Use security  checker

 Use “Virustotal” and “Have I been pawned” to analyze the security of the device that you used. 

Method 6: Change your passwords

Change your password at least two months once which helps to protect your telegram account.

Method 7:  Avoid unwanted links.

Do not click unknown links and also, avoid unknown friend’s requests.

Methods 8: Use a password manager.

Use a password manager application to collect your different passwords and remember them.

Method 9: Monitor your active sessions.

You must monitor the devices that connect to your telegram account.

Method 10: Block misleading users

If any users misleading you, then block their contact.

Method 11: Use app lock

Use application locker [app lock] to protect your telegram account.

Method 12: Hide your phone number.

Hide your phone number [ Setting > Privacy and security> Privacy > Phone number > Select “nobody” option]. 

Method 13: Avoid sharing passwords.

Do not share your passwords with your family and friends and sometimes, it may cause issues also.

Author’s recommendation

Update your telegram apps. Use a strong password. Avoid sharing your passwords and Do not click any unknown links. Enable two-step verifications. 

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