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Today, a lot of changes in modern humans life because of inventions. At the same time,  people do not know that most of the accidental inventions. 

In this blog post explains some accidental invention which changes our life.  Read the blog post till the end, you gain more information about that inventions.

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Let’s know more about it.,

List of accidental inventions.

#1. Bubble wrap

Bubble packing or Bubble wrap has a huge fanbase all over the world, especially children. 

If you big fan of that, share your memory in the comment section below. For many people not know, this invention accidentally made. 

Alfred fielding and Mac Chavannes, inventors of this amazing invention. It owned by Sealed air corporation.

Initially, the purpose of the invention, not used as packing materials. Inventors want to create three-dimensional [3D] wallpaper but that idea failed. 

After a few months,  they decide to use it as packing material for fragile products. 

Reason:  Fragile product has more chance to broken or damaged, while transport it one place to another. By using bubble wrap acts as a cushion for fragile products, so that fragile products not able to damage or break.

In addition, some websites provide virtual bubble wrap that pop sound produced while the user clicks it.

#2. Safety pin

There is various type of pins, but safety pin most used pins in the world. It also an accidental invention but the history of this invention more interesting than other accidental inventions.

Walter Hunt, inventor of the safety pin and an interesting and funny story behind it.

He wants to pay a $15 debt to his friend so that he invented a safety pin that contains a clasp used to cover the edge of the pin and a spring used to release the pin from the clasp. 

He gets a patent and sold the patent to W.R.Grace Company for $400. After a few years, that company profits million dollars for the safety pin. 

At that time Walter hunt not sell his invention, he became the richest person but his invention used all over the world, till now

#3.Post-it card

It is used to note something important to us. For many people not know, this invention accidental made. Post-it cards, a small paper with glue/adhesive on its backside.

Dr Spencer silver and Dr Art fry, inventor of this invention. It owned by 3M company. Its interesting story behind it.

Dr spencer silver wants to invent the strong adhesive [long sticking property] but he does not  final expected result [less sticking property]. Then he wants to use for another purpose. He asks colleagues for an idea.

At that time, Dr Art fry wants to use as a bookmark for his hymn book and Fry tell his idea to spencer silver and company allow to use for fry’s purpose as well as company staffs.

 After a w months 3M company want to share their idea with customers and Customers also like their idea.

#4. Silly putty

Silly putty one of the play toy which has huge fanbase around the world. No one knows that it is also an accidental invention.

During the II world war, the American government motivate their people, to develop the new rubber products. Many American people show their interest in developing rubber products.

At that time, Rob Roy develop a new rubber product[silly putty] with the mixing of boric acid and silicone oil.

On other hand, Jame wright also develops new rubber product which similar to Rob Roy’s new rubber product. But it not suitable to manufacture military equipment.

Finally, Rob Roy received the patent for his new rubber product. According to the Crayola [Current patent right holder], James wright first invented silly putty.

C.L.Hadgson market silly putty as a play toy. It reaches all over the world. In 2001, It received National toy hall of frame.

#5. Safety glass

Safety glasses save many people life from a dangerous material glass. Before this invention, many people got severely injured and also died.

Edouard Benedictus, inventor of safety glass and he did his research work. At that time, small glass container felt down, but less damage to the glass which lined pattern formed.

After a few days, he wants to know about the reason for that. He starts an enquiry about it. Finally, he knows that the glass container consists of cellulose nitrate [semi-synthetic polymer]

He wants to develop less damage glass by using cellulose nitrate, but he does not know, “how to execute that plan correctly ?” At that time, he saw a sandwich which contains cooked stuff between two slices of bread.

That incident gives an idea, apply cellulose nitrate between two glasses. In 1903, he received a patent for his invention safety glass. After his invention, Many lives saved, until now.

#6. X-ray

X-ray makes a big change in the medical field, till now. It is one of the amazing inventions that I here. It’s a very interesting one and inspirational to others.

Wilhelm Rontgen, inventor of the x-ray and he plays a major role to discover that. Before Rontgen discovery, many scientists investigate to identify the radiation release from the Crookes tube.

In his lab, he noted the invisible ray from Crookes tube passes through black cardboard which glowing in green. He investigates more about radiation.

After a few hours, he shows his hand in front of the black cardboard. He scared while seeing his bone in the cardboard. He named that radiation as X-ray which denotes X means unknown radiation.

At that time, his co-workers suggested to named as Rontgen ray, but he rejected that also. In fact, some language that invisible called Rontgen-ray till now. He submitted first to report about the x-ray.

Many lives saved by using his invention and Following his invention many the other medical scanning machines arrived.

#7. Phenol-formaldehyde resin

In the 19th century, a billiard ball manufacturing company make a billiard ball from the elephant’s ivory. But it also affects our environment by killing an elephant for ivory.

At that time American chemist, JhonWesly Hyatt creates new material [cellulose nitrate] for an alternative for the ivory billiard ball. Also, it has some disadvantages. So that billiard ball company start to search for another alternative.

In the 20th century, Another American chemist Leo Baekeland create a new material by using to chemical compounds phenol [C6H5OH] and formaldehyde [HCHO] and is named as “poly (oxy-benzyl-methylene-glycol-anhydride) 

But the industrial person named as Bakelite or phenol-formaldehyde for easy to pronounce the name of that material.

Nowadays, it familiar as plastics. Following this invention, many plastic materials arrived.

#8. Potato chips

In American English, they called chips, and in British English, they called as crips. It has a huge huge fanbase around the world and Every modern human tastes it at least one time.

I actually say about potato chips. I am a love to eat potato chips as well as you also.

In 1853, the first potato chips recipe recorded by American cook, George Speck. But he accidentally invented that. One day His customer complaint about french fry and His customer want to make french fry in a thin size.

That customer wants thinner and fried it well with more salt.

George speck disappointed in his customer and again he sliced the potato. Fried well and added salt. Finally, his customer accepted the chips and give a good feedback about them.

After, George speck tastes it and named saratoga chips. Then, the recipe for the chips spread all over the world. Till potato chips have a huge fanbase around the world.

#9. Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)

Teflon or poly(tetrafluoroethylene) is polymer-based material. It commonly used for the manufacturing of non-stick pan. Teflon is the trademark of the Dupont company.

Roy Plunkett, a young scientist working for Dupont company. He wants to create a non-toxic substance for refrigerants. For that experiment, the iron container contains tetrafluoroethylene under pressure and temperature.

After a few days, he noticed that the substance in the container undergoes a polymerization reaction and by using iron as a catalyst, a white substance as the product obtained.

That white substance which not easy to reacts with other compounds due to chemical bonding between carbon and fluorine atoms. Then, Dupont named as Teflon.

It used in the inner layer of the astronaut suits. The commercial used in the manufacturing of the non-stick pan.


Penicillin is the world’s first antibiotics discovered accidentally. Alexander Fleming discovered the world’s first antibiotics.

In 1928, he enjoy his holiday and returns to his laboratory. In the lab, he saw some type of micro-organism in the Petri-dish which consists of bacteria. Due to that, bacteria unable to grow in the Petri-dish.

He researches more about it and finally, he found that fungus[Penicillium genus] released some kind of chemical compound. Due to that, bacteria not able to grow in the petri-dish.

He named Penicillin from the Penicillium genus. He also won the noble prize for medicine and share it with oxford scientists who develop the idea of mass production of penicillin. In 1943, it used for commercial purposes.

An accidental discovery, Dr. Alexander Fleming save many lives by using penicillin.

#11. Super-glue

In 1942, super glue invented by Harry Coover accidentally. At that time, he works for the Eastman kodak company. He wants to develop a plastic used in gun sights to view clearly by using cyanoacrylate.

During his research, he found a substance that sticks things permanently but it not suitable for gun sight. So, he rejects that substance.

After 9 years, he transfers to another kodak company in Tennessee. In that company, he wants to develop a polymer-based engine that resists heat from that.

At that time, he wants to test his permanently sticking glue and Then, he realized his mistake and research it again.

Finally, he created an adhesive that sticks permanently. Eastman kodak company named as “super glue”. In fact, super glue used in the Vietnam war for close up soldiers wounds

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