List Of Other Youtube Products.

This blog explains, other youtube products. Generally, Youtube is a video sharing website without a subscription.

It was owned by Google Inc and Youtube is one of the core products of google that next to the google search engine. 

According to Alexa ranking, it ranks second position and more than 5 billion downloads in the google play store.  Read the entire blog post and support us.

Let’s know the youtube products., 

List of other youtube products.

#1.Youtube kids.

Youtube kids created for children and provide both entertainment and education in safe. It is one of the main products of youtube. In 2015, Youtube kids were officially launched by Youtube. 
It has features like,

  • You can create a profile for your child.
  • Parent able to control the videos that watched by children.
  • Parents can blocker the videos.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Check the watch history to monitor the videos watched by kids.
  • Turn on and off your search engine on youtube kids. 

If your children watch any unwanted or illegal videos on youtube kids, then report it and a fast review will be taken. 

#2.Youtube music.

Youtube music created for streaming music.  It allows the users to listen to music, bgm, and watch videos. Also downloads both video and audio by using Youtube premium music or Youtube premium.

In  2015, Youtube music was official released by youtube and It is another main product of youtube.

It has features like,

  • You can download and access unlimited music by using youtube premium music.
  • You can search for songs, albums, and bgm.
  • If you forgot the song’s name, then type the lyrics of the song.
  • Know the trending topics.

It is the best alternative for google play music.

#3.Youtube tv.

Youtube tv created to streaming tv program. In 2017,  it was officially launched.  Only available in America with 85+ channels. 

#4.Youtube premium.

Youtube premium is the paid subscription-based service that allows to ad-free contain youtube videos and youtube music. Users can download and unlimited access to youtube music. It was officially launched in 2014.

#5.Youtube originals.

Youtube originals is a content [ movies, series] created by youtube. In 2016, it was officially released.  

It has a feature for premium like,

  • You can unlimited access that available.
  • You are able to watch without ads.
  • You can download the content of youtube originals.
  • You can access videos of bloopers and cuts scenes of the youtube origonal.

#6.Youtube studio.

In 2014,  Youtube studio was officially released. It is used to control your youtube channel. It has a feature like, 

  • You can monitor your youtube channel.
  • You are able to upload videos.
  • Create and manage the playlist.
  • You can filter the comments and reply to them.

#7.Youtube go:

Youtube go is used to download the videos in the different quality that you want and store them in your internal storage or external storage.

In 2020,  Youtube go is not available on the google play store. Now, you download the videos by using Youtube [main app].

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