12 Most Wired & Funniest Taxes In The World

Most of the countries in this modern world, collect tax from their people. On other hand, some countries collect different types of tax from their people. This blogpost explains the most wired & funniest tax in the world.

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Let’s know that wired as well as funniest taxes.,

List of wired & funny taxes in the world.

#1.Cow Flatulence Tax From Estonia. 

This tax is one of the funniest/wired taxes that I ever saw. Estonia government collects tax for the cow. But the scientific reason behind this tax.

Cow flatulence contains 300 liters of methane (CH4) and 1500 liter of carbon dioxide (CO2). It affects the earth’s ozone layer.

After this tax, releasing methane and carbon dioxide is minimized. Cow flatulence tax also collected in Denmark.

#2.Baby Name Tax From Sweden.

Imagine that your country’s government collects tax for approval of baby name. That incident happens in Sweden. 

Sweden people want to get approval for their name of the baby. They want to pay tax. That tax named as baby name tax.

#3.Win Tax From England.

In 1696, king William III order to collect tax for windows. But some people remove the window for avoiding that tax.

Due to window tax, it causes some health issues (people who lived in a house without a window). After 156 years, England government terminate the window tax. 

#4.Beard Tax From Russia.

In this modern world, a beard has become fashionable for men. But, ln  1672, Russian king “Peter The great” order to collect tax for those who have a beard.

When king Peter The great travel to the European countries, European men shave their beards and it looks more attractive that compare to the Russian men with beards. 

To change his people. He introduced beard tax. If anyone does not respect this tax, they will be put in jail.

#5.Photocopier Tax From France.

In France, the government collects tax for photocopiers. They collect funds to developing their national library center.

 #6.Cooking Tax From Egypt.

In ancient Egypt,  Pharaohs (who ruled Egypt) collect tax for oil used to cook.

#7.Wallpaper Tax From England.

That cooking oil not reused again. If anyone reused it, they will be punished. So, Egyptian people👥want to buy cooking oil daily with tax.

The government of England collects taxes for printed wallpaper in 1712. People want to avoid this tax. So, people decided to use plain wallpaper. Design the plain wallpaper with paints.

#8.Candy Tax From United States.

In Chicago ( one of the states in the United States of America) collect tax for candy. For sugar-based candy, it will be 1%. of tax But non-sugar based candy, it will 6% of the tax collected.

Some states in the United State of America follow candy tax with different tax percentages.

#9.Urine Tax From Rome.

In ancient Rome, people buy urine and pay tax for it. The name of the tax is urine tax. You may ask “Why they buy urine with paying tax?”.

Because urine contains more ammonium (NH3). It used to launder clothes. So, Roman Emperor collect taxes from people who buy urine.

#10.Chopstick Tax From China.

Most of the Chinese people use a chopstick to eat. But, the Chinese government notice that 45-50 billion wooden chopsticks used to eat (per year). 

They thought that “it will affect the environment”. So that, Government collect tax for Wooden chopstick. After a few years, people use a plastic chopstick to eat. 

#11.Shadow Tax From Italy.

In Italy, shopkeeper extended their shop area. It causes people who use the street road as well as vehicles also struggled. 

Italy government announced that “If any shop shadow should fall to the ground, the Shop owner will pay tax for it”. Shadow tax is the funniest tax that I ever saw. 

#12.Straw Tax From United States

Coronado (one of the states in the United States of America) collects tax for straw and cups🥤that used to contain foods.

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