14 Best Google Tricks & Tips That You Must Try.

 Nowadays, most people use the google search engine to gain some information from websites. But, some hidden unpopular google tricks & tips that available till now.

Sometimes, it acts as a stress buster for me also. You can try it and share these wonderful techniques with your friends. 

This blog post explains more about google tricks. Read this blogpost till the end, you gain more information about it.

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List of google tricks & tips

Rotating chrome icon: Google tricks

How you ever think that you can able to rotate the chrome icon? The answer to this question is “Yes, you can do it within a second”.

First of all, open your google chrome browser. Click, Vertical three dots [⋮] below close icon. Then select the setting option. 

You can able to find the “About chrome” section and click the Google Chrome icon and it will rotate. It will make you wonder and for me also.

In simple words, [Open chrome setting 🠊”About chrome”🠊Click chrome icon and it will rotate].

Google logo history: Google tricks

Google is the most used and largest engine in the world and According to the Alexa ranking sites, it ranks in the first position.

I have some questions for you [users] “When others say about google, which things come first in your mind?”. Leave your comment on this question. 

For me, the Google icon is the first thing that came to my mind.

You can also view the old version of the google icon as well as google doodle. This icon attracts many people including me also.

Type “Google logo history “in the google search engine.

Tilt search result page: Google tricks

If you want a Tilt result page, then type “Tilt” in the search engine and you can also type your keyword in tilt mode also.

Otherwise, type “Askew” in the search engine. Also, that result in the search result page.

Thanos effect: Google tricks

“Avengers-Infinity war” is the must-watch movie by people and one of the most searched keywords in all search engines. For promoting this movie, Google creates the “Thanos effect”.

Type “Thanos” in the google search engine. In the search engine sidebar, Infinity stone showed in the Thanos Wikipedia preview appeared. Click the infinity stone. 

After a few seconds, Search results will disappear, and result in counts decrease in the “About result” section.

In addition, select the “About result” section which shows below the search engine, and then click the infinity stone. Then the result count will be increased rapidly.

Zerg rush: Google tricks

Zerg rush is the most popular google trick and it’s very interesting. Type “Zerg rush” in the search engine.

After a few seconds, a Yellow and red ring fall from the search engine. It is able to destroy your search result. In fact, You can destroy that rings and save your search results.

Phoebe buffy

It is one of the funniest tricks from other tricks. Type “Phoebe buffy” in the search engine

In the search engine sidebar, Guitar icon showed in the Phoebe buffay[a fictional character from friends American tv-show] Wikipedia’s preview and click that icon.

After click that, a song named “Smelly cat” played in the background with a dirty cat will appear in the above taskbar for a few seconds.

The wizard of oz

This trick is my favorite among other tricks. Type “The wizard of oz” in the search engine.

 In the search result, the sandal icon showed in the sidebar of Wikipedia preview and click it. After a few seconds, the search result rotates and changes into black & white.

You don’t like it. Then click the “wind storm” icon that appeared in the Wikipedia preview sidebar. It converted into normal mode. I will surely, this trick makes you feel wonderful.

Site Tag

If you want to search for a specific website, then many results show related to the typed keyword. 

For reduced this difficulty, use “Site: ” and type your website that you searched with their extension [ .com, .net, .edu]. It will show that website in the first or second position.

For example, site:www.google.com

Allintitle Tag

If you want to search for a specific title, then many results show related to the typed keyword.

For reduced this difficulty, use ” allintitle: ” and type your keyword or title that you searched. It will show more related titles that you want.

For example, allintitle: google

Allinurl tag

If you want to know about other website URLs related to your keyword and Type ” allinurl: ” in the search engine and type your keyword that you want to know. It will show more URLs for your keyword

For example, allintitle: youtube

At [@] tag

If you want to know the social media account of companies or famous person or websites, then use “@” with the name of the company or famous person or websites that you want to know.

For example, ” @google “

Stocks tag

If you want to know about the stock rate of a specific company. Then use the “stocks” tag that you want to know.

For example, stocks: google

Cache tag

If you want to highlight your keyword in the specific website, then use “cache:” with specific site’s URLs as well as keywords that you want to highlight in that website.

For example, ” Cache:www.star.com superstar “

Related tag

Use ” related: ” with the URL of the website and it shows other related websites.

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