Why 4 Colours Included In The Google Logo?

Have you ever think, “why four colours are included in the logo or name of the google [google logo] ? “. If you don’t know about it, then read the entire blog-post

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Let’s explore more about it…

The reason behind colours in the google logo or name. First of all, you want to know about the history of google.

History of the name google

When Larry Page and Sergey brin created a web search engine. They want to name that search engine is unique. So, they refer to a lot of books and ask for some suggestion from others.

Finally, both of them choose the word ” Googol ” and Googol = 1x 10^100 [One digit followed by 100 zeros]

They decide to buy a domain name. They wrongly enter a name, “Google” instead of “Googol “. But, Larry page like that name [google] and accept it.

The truth behind the colours in google logo

In the google logo or name, it contains four [4] colours namely, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Let count how many letters in these colours individually,

2 x Red = 6 letters

1 x Yellow = 6 letters

2 x Blue = 8 letters

1 x Green = 5 letters;

Totally 25 letters in colours that logo or name of the google.

Now multiple both 25 [total letters in colours] and 4[total colours in logo], final answer is 100. [ Googol = 1x 10^100 ] Google logo represents indirectly that,” Google search engine shows the relevant result in the search results.

πŸš€ Instant Facts πŸ‘€ 

πŸ‘‰Rank dex is the first method that  used link to analysis the quality of the web page and That method invented by Robin Li [founder of baidu seaarch engine] in 1996.

But, this method similar to the Google co-founder Larry page’s page rank method. Google is the first company which apply rank method.. 

πŸ‘‰The term “Page rank” not indicates web page ranking, But it denotes ranking method which created or develop by Larry page [ Page rank ]

Google logo history

Sergey Brin, Ruth Kedar and Larry page design the first logo of the google by using GIMP [Graphic designer software ].

If you want to view google’s logo history

Otherwise, type ” google’s logo history ” in the search engine and previous logo of google showed in the result page.

In addition, If you want to view previous google doodles.

Otherwise, type ” google doodle history ” in the search engine and previous doodle of google showed in the result page.

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