18 Unbelievable Google Facts Makes You Shock

 This blogpost explains unknown google facts. Google search engine is the most used web search engine compare to the other web search engines. 

But, it contains a lot of information behind it. According to the Alexa site ranking, Google ranks first position.

You may ask 💭, ” Can I learn something from this blog post ? “.

My reply ” Yes, you learn more information from this blog post. Well, I try to give my best 😄. 

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List of google facts

#1. Google facts: Meaning for google

When Larry Page and Sergey brin want to name his new web search engine in a unique way. So, they refer to many books and ask for suggestions from others.

Finally, both of them choose the word ” Googol ” and decide to buy a domain name. They wrongly enter the name, “Google” instead of “Googol “. But, Larry page like that name [google] and accept it.

Googol means 1x 10^100 [One followed by 100 zeros]

#2. Google facts: Reason for four colors in logo/name

In the logo or name of google, it contains four colors namely, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

Official logo of google [Credits: google.com]

Let count how many letters in these colors individually,

2 x Red = 6 letters; 1 x Yellow = 6 letters; 2 x Blue = 8 letters;1 x Green = 5 letters;

Totally 25 letters in colors that logo or name of the google. Now multiple both 25 and 4, the final answer is 100. Google logo represents,” Google search engine shows 10^100 relevant result in the search results.

#3. Google facts: The truth behind page rank

The term “Pagerank” not indicates the ranking of a web page, but it denotes the ranking method created by Larry Page, co-founder of Google.Inc.

Rank dex is the first search engine that used links to analyze the quality of the web page and Rank dex invented by Robin Li.

This method similar to the Google co-founder Larry page’s page rank method.Rank dex’s link analysis is the first method to measure the quality of the website by using hyperlinks.

But, Google is the first search engine to apply the hyperlink analysis method.

#4. Jeff Bezos, former & first investor of google

Many people know about Jeff Bezos, the founder of amazon and Did you know, he also invest one million dollars, while the initial stage of google.

#5. The first employee of Google.

Craig Silverstein is the first google employee appointed by larry page and Sergey Brin.

#6. Yahoo rejects to buy google.

After creating a Google search engine, larry page and Sergey brin want to be sold to Yahoo. They want to sell for 3-4 billion dollars. But, yahoo rejects to buy the google search engine.

#7. Another rejection from an exciting search engine.

Once again, Larry and Sergey want to sell to another internet company named Excite for 1-2 million dollars. Even excite also reject to buy google search engine.

#8. Google maps employees.

Did you know, they’re more than 7000+ employees and contractors who work only for google map.

#9. Google translator.

In 2016, 500 million google translator users translate 100 billion works translate per day.

#10. Ranking factors

Almost  200 factors behind google search ranking system.

#11. Google facts: Algorithms updates

Google updates 10 algorithms per day in search engines for retaining their position.

#12. Page rank

The term “Page rank” not indicates the ranking of the web page, but it denotes the ranking method created by Larry page.

#13. Apply page rank method.

Google is the first company to apply the page ranking method to improve the user experience.

#14. Searches in google.

In google search engine,  [ these value  are approximately]

  • More than 3.8 Million searches per minutes.
  • More than 228 Million searches per hour.
  • More than 5.6 Billions searches per day.
  • More than 2 Trillion searches per year.

#15. Google chrome.

In usage of web browser, Google chrome is the most used browser than other browsers like firefox. Almost 65% of  people who use google chrome as default browser. 

In 2019,  Google chrome download more than 5 billion times.

#16. Google facts: Report market cap of google.

Google is the forth tech company which report one trillion market value in 2020.

#17. Google buy youtube and nest.

Google buy youtube for 1.65 Billion dollars in 2006 and buy nest  for 3.2 billion in 2014.

#18. Google search.

One in every seven search, something never type in the google search engine.  

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