10 Most Unknown Amazing Facts About Emojis

Emojis are the best way to share our emotions on social media.  This blog post explains a list of amazing emojis facts. 

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List Of Amazing Facts About Emojis

#Fact: 1

 First of all, Emojis used in Japanese mobile phones in 1990. But Most of the people start to use in 2010.

#Fact: 2 

The tears of smiling emoji [πŸ˜‚] choose as word of the year in 2015.

#Fact: 3

Totally 3000+ emojis created, till now.

#Fact: 4

Emoji is the advanced version of emoticon [emotion icons such as πŸ™‚ ] 

#Fact: 5 

On July 17  celebrated as ” World’s emoji day “.

#Fact: 6

The meaning for emoji for “e = picture” and ” moji = character ”  and that word derived from the Japanese language.

#Fact: 7

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter created its own emojis and publish it.

#Fact: 8

World’s most used emojisπŸ˜‚,😍,πŸ˜†,πŸ˜…,πŸ’“,πŸ‘,✌,❀.

#Fact: 9

Softbank created the first emojis in 1997.

#Facts 10

Emoji nation is a community of emoji lovers

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