How To Delete Whatsapp Account

If you want to delete whatsapp account, then follow the given instruction. This blog explains, how to delete your whatsapp account. Read the entire blog post and support us.

Things Remember Before Delete Your Account.

  • If you delete your whatsapp account, then your message and group that you join will be deleted.. 
  • Your payments history also deleted.

How To Delete Whatsapp Account.

Step 1: Open your whatsapp.

Step 2: Select the “setting” option from the three vertical dots at the top.

Step 3: After selecting a setting option, then click the “Account” option.

Step 4: Select the “Delete my account” option.

Step 5: At the bottom, enter your phone number with country code.

Step 6: Tap the “Delete my account” option.In conclusion, follow the given instruction to delete your whatsapp account. It is applicable for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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